I'm lying in bed on a warm spring morning. The scent of cedar drifts in our open window, filling my soul with calmness. It's been a long cold winter, and this is the first warm spring morning we've had. The snow from a few weeks ago is just about gone, and the smell of damp pine needles that carpet the forest floor adds another layer of freshness to the morning air.

I fold the sheet away from my body, and the warm breeze envelops me. My morning erection stands tall and proud and wants attention. My wife, Alex, stirs next to me and moans. She scoots over and snuggles against me, her hand wrapping around my stiff rod. Her firm nipples press against my side, causing my cock to pulse. I love my wife's breasts. Even though she's in her early forties, her tits are still firm and luscious. I put my right arm around her and scoop her ass in my hand to pull her closer. When I kiss her forehead, she moans again Animadora porno

"Good morning, sweetheart," I say. "I can't believe how nice the weather has gotten. Not bad for March."

Alex sits up and stares down at me. The corners of her mouth curl upward into a mischievous smile. She hasn't let go of my cock. In fact, she's tightened her grip around it and slowly moves her hand up and down my shaft.

"Forget about the weather," she says. "I can't believe how hard your penis is...you can tell that your ED medication works. You'd think it was asking for some special attention or something."

"You know me. I never turn down the opportunity for special attention."

She leans down, kisses the tip of my cock, and licks along the slit. Precum attaches to the end of her tongue, creating a string of viscous liquid between my crown and her mouth. She leans back down, wraps her lips around my cock, and slowly engulfs my member. She's halfway down when I feel the back of her throat, and she stops, sliding her lips back up, while her tongue flicks against my shaft. My cock pulses again, and Alex moans. She dives deeper, driving her lips down to my stomach. Her tongue reaches out and licks my balls before she slides back up, coating my cock with her saliva.

Taking a deep breath, Alex licks her lips and goes back to my cock, licking it like an ice cream cone before she crawls on top of me. Placing my cock against her labia, she gyrates her hips to tease me.

Ever since I began taking Cialis regularly, my erections have been like they were when I was a teenager. I feel like a man again. I know my wife felt neglected when I couldn't get an erection, and it's nice to be able to show her how much I desire her.

My ED was one of the reasons we stopped swinging. I told Alex that she could keep fucking other men if she wanted because I felt terrible about not being able to please her. She told me that she loved me and it didn't matter that much.

She slides my cock into her wet pussy and sits back. Reaching up, I take handfuls of tit and squeeze gently. My thumbs and forefingers pinch her nipples as I pull on them and give them a pinch. She moans again and rocks her hips faster. Alex leans down, and we kiss, her tongue shooting into my mouth.

I roll us over, place my elbows next to her ears, and lift my body away from her. She wraps her legs around my waist and plants her feet against my ass to help me drive my cock into her. I jackhammer into her tight pussy as I watch her eyebrows tighten. My breaths become shallow, so I breathe deeply and let it out slowly. I do this over and over, to regulate my breathing so I can last longer for her.

"OH! Fuck! This feels so good. Right there! Don't stop!" Alex demands.

I fuck her harder and faster. My goal is to give her an orgasm before I come.

"Almost there! Don't you dare stop! OH, fuck!"

Alex takes a deep breath and holds it as her face tightens. She smiles and exhales, and that's when I feel it. Her legs quiver as her pussy tightens around my cock. I drive in and hold still, waiting for her orgasm to fade. Now it's my turn. My balls tense and my cock pulses as cum shoots up my shaft, filling her with my seed. I pull out slowly, and white goo seeps from inside her, dripping down to her asshole adultcams

Beads of sweat drip from my forehead, landing on her. Her deep blue eyes open, and she gazes at me. Her beauty hypnotizes me. She's still smiling and reaches up and pecks my nose. I lean back as she gets on her knees and takes my shaft into her mouth. She swallows me as her tongue flicks against my rod. Popping my cock from her mouth, she licks me from balls to tip. She reaches up, and we kiss, letting our tongues duel for real estate. Tasting the saltiness of my cum mixed with her nectar, I kiss her deeper, reveling in the love I have for her.

"Thank you, baby. That was wonderful," Alex huffs out.

"No, thank you! It was definitely my pleasure."

Alex smacks my ass with her hand, and I flop over to lie on my side and stare at my wonderful wife. I kiss her cheek before I roll away and sit on the edge of the bed. Looking down at my sticky cock, I decide to take a shower, so I get up and walk into the bathroom.

I don't take long, but when I get out, Alex is no longer in bed. I look around and don't see her. I throw my towel on the hook, slip on my sandals, and walk out to the front room. Alex is in the kitchen making breakfast. It's almost eleven in the morning, and I'm starving. She looks over at me and smiles.

"Hey, naked boy. Aren't you going to get dressed?"

"No...I thought I'd take advantage of the warm sun and lay out on the back deck for a while. Maybe I can start to get rid of this pale winter skin."

"Suit yourself. Sit down and eat something first, though. I'm going to be working on my lesson plans for the rest of the year, so after you're done sunning, find something to do."

This morning is the first day of Alex's spring break. She teaches at one of the high schools nearby. A few years ago, I retired early. Every now and then, I catch flack from my buddies about it, but I enjoy being able to do what I want, when I want.

"I plan to work on my book today, so that'll be perfect."

I started writing a romance novel a few months ago, and I'm about at the part where things get dicey between the main characters.

"I'll take a look at your latest chapters this evening if you wish," Alex offers.

"Thanks, babe. I'll take you up on that. I'm not sure I'm heading in the right direction, so having some input will be nice."

I stuff the last bit of toast in my mouth and gulp down my orange juice before clearing my plate. I grab some sunscreen and head out to the back deck. Settling in a lounge chair, I smear cream all over my skin, paying particular attention to my cock because I don't want that to get burned. I get semi-hard from massaging the sunscreen into it and it flops up against my stomach as I lay back. Damn that Cialis works good!

I'm drifting in and out of sleep when I hear the front door shut and then a female voice talking with my wife. Shit! I'm on the back deck, trapped. There's no way I can scurry to the bedroom to put something on without passing through the front room where Alex has a visitor. I try to relax as I tell myself that Alex wouldn't let anyone come back here while I'm laying out naked. Sure...it'll be fine. I lay back again and drift off.

I'm startled and come to full attention when I hear the sliding glass door open.

"Wait! Erin! Don't go out there. Steve is laying out, trying to get a start on his tan," Alex cries out.

Erin? I didn't know she was coming over today. Erin is one of Alex's colleagues, and they often spend time together working on their lesson plans. She's in her late twenties and damn good looking. Usually, when I see her, she's wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans. I'll admit to getting aroused by just looking at her, but I've never acted on those feelings. Aroused...shit! My cock swells, thinking about Erin in one of her tight t-shirts.

About fifteen years ago, Alex and I met a couple while on vacation. They introduced us to wife-swapping. Since then, we've met other couples and even gone to a few parties where there were orgies. Our marriage became open, and we often fucked others, but always with prior permission and full disclosure afterward. I didn't know if Alex would mind that I made a move on Erin, but being her best friend and co-worker, I always felt that I should shy away from my attraction to her.

The screen door opens, and I shut my eyes to pretend I'm asleep. I've never been naked in front of Erin before, and I'm hoping that if she thinks I'm sleeping, my nudity will be easier on her.

"I'm sure he won't mind," Erin says. "It's such a beautiful day, we should do our work outside." Without stopping, Erin steps out onto the back deck and shuts the screen door.

"But Steve is..."

"OH! Fuck! Sorry."

My cock twitches and begins to swell as I think about Erin standing there looking at me. I panic, so I think about baseball. Yeah...that should do it, baseball. Last year, the local minor league team won the championship, and we're looking forward to going to a few games this summer. Baseball...think about baseball. The image of Erin in a tight t-shirt without a bra pushes back into my head. Shit. The screen door opens and closes, and I picture Erin retreating back into the living room. Instead, I hear Alex's voice, and she's outside with Erin.

"Sorry, Erin. I tried to warn you," Alex says in a low voice.

"Shit, Alex. You've told me about Steve's nice cock before, but I never imagined it was that nice. You're one lucky woman."

"Luck has nothing to do with it. You know me...I love a nice cock," Alex snickers. "We should probably go back inside before he wakes up."

"Well...I've seen him now. There's no harm in just staying out here is there?"

"He doesn't know you've seen him. What are you going to do if he wakes up and you're out here?"

"C'mon, Alex. Tell you what...why don't you drop your robe, and I'll take my top off. We can get some sun too. If he wakes up, maybe he won't be as embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? Steve won't be embarrassed. Hell, he doesn't mind people seeing him naked. I was thinking of you. You really want to get naked in front of my husband?"

"Not naked. Just take my top off. You know how horny I get being outside with my tits exposed. C'mon, didn't you say you wanted to have some fun after we finished our lesson plans?"

"Well, yeah. But not in front of Steve. He doesn't know."

Fun? They're planning on having fun together? With their tops off? What don't I know? What've I been missing here? My cock twitches again.

"Look! He's getting hard. Think he's awake and can hear us?" Erin asks.

"Nah. I think if he heard us talking and were awake, he would've gotten up and taken your top off for you. You've seen how he stares at your boobs. He's probably dreaming about the sex we had this morning. That Cialis works like a charm."

"Hmmm...morning sex. I can't remember the last time I've had morning sex."

Erin is still single, and while I don't follow her love life, Alex tells me enough so that I know how much Erin loves to have sex, and especially sucking cock.

"Damn. Look at how hard he is," Alex says. "I wonder what he'd do if he woke up to me riding his cock..."

"You riding his cock? I wonder what he'd do if he woke up to me sucking his cock," Erin interrupts.

That does it. My cock is so hard that it aches. I want to reach over and stroke it, but I don't dare move. It twitches again.

"You want to suck Steve's cock?" Alex asks Retro porno

"Want to? You don't know how bad. C'mon Alex, you've told me how you guys have an open marriage and have even swapped partners before. Surely you won't deny me?"

I barely open my eyes because I don't want them to know I'm awake, but I'm dying to see them. Erin already has her shirt off, and her firm breasts glisten in the afternoon sun. She's wearing short cut-offs that are tight. Her butt cheeks are exposed below the frayed hem, and the back seam is riding up her crack. I picture myself kissing and licking her ass.

Alex slips the robe off her shoulders, and she's now completely naked in front of Erin. They lean into each other and kiss. Erin's hand slides down Alex's stomach and fingers her pussy as they make out. Shit! My cock gets even harder, and I'm dying to stroke it. Alex moans and breaks the kiss. She leans down and sucks Erin's nipple into her mouth and sucks on her tit while flicking Erin's nipple with her tongue.

Alex pulls away and pecks Erin on the lips. "Okay, but if he freaks out, we're going to have some explaining to do."

I quickly shut my eyes, pretending once again to be asleep. They walk over and kneel beside the lounge chair, one on each side of me. The one on the right grasps the base of my cock and jerks me. A tongue touches my cock, and then lips form around the top. It has to be Erin because it doesn't feel like Alex. She swallows my cock all the way to the base in one swift motion. Damn! A moan involuntarily escapes me. Erin goes to work, jacking my cock while her lips slide up and down my shaft. My cock pops from her lips, and she licks my shaft from base to tip and back down. Her tongue circles around my cock, and then she takes me back into her mouth. Shit! She's good! I moan again.

"Fuck, Alex! That feels so good," I mumble as I open my eyes. I pretend to be startled at seeing Erin sucking my cock, but Alex leans over and kisses me deeply. Our tongues dart into each other's mouths, causing my desire for both her and Erin to escalate.

"Ugh! Fuck! I'm going to come!"

Erin works faster, and my balls tighten, and cum shoots down her throat. Alex pulls away as Erin lifts off me. They look at each other and kiss, sharing my seed between them. That just gets me harder. Alex stands up and straddles me before lowering herself onto my cock. She bounces rapidly, driving me deep inside her. Erin stands up behind Alex and holds her boobs in her hands as Alex leans back to kiss her. I harden again and my rod pulses.

"I'm going to come again," I tell Alex. She just moans and goes faster. They stop kissing, and Erin looks down at me with a lustful grin. I come. Hard!

"Fuuuuuuck!" I groan.

My cock stops pulsing, and Alex leans down, and we kiss deeply again. She lifts her pussy off my cock and moans into my mouth. Erin kneels down to lick Alex's pussy and suck my cum out of her. Alex sits back up, and Erin stands over her. Alex leans her head back, and Erin drips my spunk from her lips into Alex's mouth. They kiss again, their tongues wrapping around each other as they swap spit and cum.

"Fuck, you two are hot!" I say.

They break their kiss and Alex looks at me. "So, now our secret is out. You don't mind, do you?"

"Mind? Hell no, it's hot."

"Good," Alex sighs. "Before you started taking your ED medication, Erin and I started seeing each other. You gave me permission to fuck other men, so I didn't think you'd be upset if you found out, but I wasn't sure how to tell you about her. Now that it's out in the open, I actually feel relieved. Go work on your book for a while because Erin and I have some things to do."

"Things? Can I watch?"

"No, silly. I mean, we have work to do too."

They walk inside, not bothering to put their clothes back on, and come back out a few minutes later with their notebooks and papers. They set everything down on the glass table and sit under the umbrella as they open their books and start talking about their classes. I stand up, walk over to them, and give Alex a kiss. I look at Erin and decide to throw caution to the wind and kiss her too. I mean, fuck, she was just sucking my cock, I should be able to kiss her after that. They both giggle, and I go inside. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and then go downstairs to my office.

Opening my word processor, I read over the last chapter I wrote, to get myself in the mood to keep going. I decide to write about my main character's girlfriend, Christina, wanting to have sex with her best friend, Nicole. After another chapter, the three of them end up having sex together after a hot tub session. This has me hard again. Damn...maybe I'm taking too high a dose of Cialis. I sit back and jack off, hoping to get my cock to calm down. It only makes it harder, so I decide to get up, check the mail, and get some fresh air.

I get to the bottom of the stairs and hear moaning coming from the front room. I step slowly, not making a sound and peek over the railing. Alex is bent over the back of the couch, and Erin is fucking her from behind. I didn't know that Alex had a strap-on...maybe Erin brought it over with her. I stand there watching them, my cock getting hard again, so I stroke it while I watch Erin take control of my wife. I guess I let out a groan because Erin looks in my direction and smiles.

"Fuck! This feels so good, Erin. Don't stop!"

Erin goes faster, fucking Alex so hard, she moves the couch with each drive. I stroke my cock more quickly, feeling like I'm going to come any minute.

"What would you do if Steve walked in on us right now?" Erin asks.

"Fuck!" Alex gasps. "I'd take his cock...ughh...in my mouth...hmph...and suck on him while you fucked me."

Erin looks back over at me and nods for me to join them. I quickly remove my clothes and stand in front of Alex, my cock inches from her face. She opens her eyes, and her shock is evident when she gasps. I grab the back of her head and guide it to my cock, and she sucks me into her mouth. Erin drives into Alex once more and then stops. Her hands grasp Alex's hips while she presses all the way into Alex. Alex comes off my cock, breathing hard.

"Let's take this to the bedroom," Alex suggests.

She stands up and takes Erin by the hand and walks towards the bedroom. I'm behind them, watching Erin's ass sway, thinking how awesome it's going to be to fuck her. I'm suddenly struck by the fact that I don't see any straps for the dildo she's wearing. I tell myself that she probably has a strapless one.

We get to the bedroom, and Alex steps around Erin, who still has her back to me.

"Get on the bed, Erin, and lie on your back," Alex tells her.

Alex stands in front of me and wraps her arms around my neck and gets on her tippy toes to kiss me.

"You aren't upset, honey?"

"Upset? No way! I'm looking forward to this."

"Well...don't be shocked by what you see next."

"What do you mean?"

"Just keep an open mind, and we'll all have fun."

"Sure, baby. I'm game for whatever."


She kisses me again and then steps away from me, and that's when I see it. My stomach lurches, and I gasp. Erin doesn't have a pussy...she has a cock and a nice one at that. I'm not new to seeing transsexuals, I mean, Alex and I watch shemale porn, and we've even fantasized about having a threesome.

"I want to watch you suck her cock," Alex says.

"Really? I've never done that before."

"Try it."

I kneel on the bed and lean down to swipe my tongue along Erin's shaft. The taste of my wife's pussy is still fresh and encourages me. I slide my lips around her shaft and lick her cockhead. I'm not able to take more than a few inches, but I try. Erin tangles her fingers in my hair and pushes my head down onto her cock.

"Look at me when you suck my cock," she commands.

I look up and see Alex sucking on Erin's tits and getting ready to straddle her face. Alex drops her pussy over Erin's lips, and she sucks Alex's labia into her mouth. I try and focus on what I like done to me when I have my cock sucked, and try to do the same to Erin. She moans as she eats Alex's pussy. Erin's hips buck, pushing her cock deeper into my mouth, and her cock pulses. It's an interesting feeling, and I want her to do it again, so I commit my lips and tongue to her more earnestly. Her cock pulses again.

"I'm going to come," Erin says.

I've tasted my cum before but never anyone else's. I have no idea if it will be the same or not, so I see if I can get her to come. I cradle her balls in my hand and gently squeeze as I suck on her hard cock. She comes. It's the strangest sensation I've ever felt. Her cum is warm and slippery. It's salty and gooey. It coats my mouth and tongue, and I can't help but swallow some of it. I pull off her shaft and finagle my way to my wife and sit up so I can kiss her. I push some of Erin's cum into her mouth, and her tongue greedily darts down my throat as she tries to get as much cum from me as she can.
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